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Why Fixed Term Contracts Are B*******

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Mmm. Beautiful sliced strawberries.

If you don’t think fixed term contracts are nonsense, then say so! The comments box is there for a reason.

Fixed term contracts are b*******.

There, I said it.

Swore on the radio, or television, or at work, or whatever. Cardinal sin. Anyway – fixed term contracts.

Like I said.


Three Reasons Why In A Very Short List

Here are three reasons why in a very short list.

  • One. Because they prey on the weak.
  • Two. Because they open up manufacturers to sabotage.
  • Three. Because they get no commitment from agencies.

And here are three reasons why in a little more detail.

One. Because they prey on the weak.

A fixed term contract is like a permanent job, except it is for a fixed term. Why do we have permanent jobs? Why do we work permanently?


So we can pay stuff off. Our house. Our car. Our kids stuff. No matter how old they are. We have commitments.

Do these things stop when we stop working?


Who leaves the security of a permanent job for a fixed term contract?


Who applies for a fixed term contract when out of work?

People who don’t expect to get a perm job any time soon.

They prey on the weak and they make career interims look bad.

Two. Because they open up manufacturers to sabotage.

So you’ve got your pro rata ‘interim’ in. Instead of paying £450 a day for a good interim technical manager, you’re paying £45k a year and have somehow motivated some poor, starving recruiter to find you someone.


Plain sailing, right?


Your ‘interim’ isn’t doing as well as you’d hoped. Not a surprise, but you can cope – you’re saving money, and the perm guy will be back in four months. Then things get a little worse. Then a little more worse.

Then, two weeks before a PIU, BRC or any other kind of audit, he lets you know he’s got a perm job. Needs to start next Monday.

Or worse, he just doesn’t turn up one day. Because he’s started a permanent job.

You risk losing the business and sabotaging your factory.

Is it the fault of the ‘interim’?


He has a house to pay for, kids to feed, and a wife to clothe. And you’re paying him a wage that you’d pay to someone who had continuous work.

Don’t risk your factory, your customers and bottom line by trying for pro-rata. It’s a false economy.

Three. They get no commitment from recruiters.

Do recruiters prioritise jobs?

Yes. Yes, of course we do.

There are two main criteria. One – how hard is it to fill? Two – how much does it pay?

If you insist on working with fifteen agencies at the same time (hard to fill) and paying a tiny percentage then you’ll be bottom of the pile.

If you pay us handsomely and work with us exclusively, we’ll bend the fabric of the universe to create more time to fill your role.

So how hard is it to fill a pro rata job?

Very hard – nobody wants them.

How well do pro rata jobs pay us?

Literally, a fraction of a normal role, and for more work.

The Solution

Get a real interim. Call us, or if you must someone else who specialises in career interims.

There, a one line solution. I can even do you one in eleven digits:

07837 364712